Huang Yao-Tang

Born in Pescadores, Formosa (Taiwan) in 1948, Huang studied architecture at Tunghai University, Taiwan, and later at the University of Liverpool, England, where he received his Master's degree of Architecture in 1975. He came to Brussels in 1976 and has since worked as architect and artist..

Huang had his first one-man show at Galerie Anne Van Horenbeeck in Brussels in 1977. In 1999, his paintings were exhibited at Mountain Art Museum in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Selected Past Exhibitions

1977Galerie Anne Van Horenbeeck, Brussels
1982Maison de la Culture, Namur, Belgium, "Mise en Boîte".
1984Centre Culturel Wallonie-Bruxelles, Paris, " Mise en Boîte"
1985Galerie Alexandra Monett, Brussels
1999Mountain Art Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Solo exhibition: "Symphony of Sand"
2000Mountain Art Museum, Kaohsiung, " Treasure in Mountain : the Select Collection"
2003Galerie Art Bleijenberg, Amsterdam
2004Galerie Anderwereld/Katuin, Groningen, the Netherlands
2005Art Cologne
Galerie Art Forum, Antwerp
2007Galerie De Compagnie, Dordrecht, the Netherlands
Art International, Zurich
2008Galerie Wijland, Koksijde, Belgium
William Art Space, Taipei.
2009Galerie Schortgen, Luxembourg, Solo exhibition: " Colours of Asia "
2011Galerie ES, Nijlen, Belgium
2012PiaoPiao Gallery, Taipei; Solo exhibition: " Colours of Asia "
Paint a Future, Florianopolis, Brazil
2013In River Gallery, Taipei, Solo exhibition: " City - Seclusion "
2015Galerie ES, Nijlen
Galerie Schortgen, Luxembourg
Formosa Art Show, Taipei - Art Taichung - Art Kaouhsiung
2016Galerie HCH, Den Haag, the Netherlands
Paint a Future, Performing Arts Center, Chiayi, Taiwan
2017Performing Arts Center, Chiayi, Taiwan: Group Show
2018 Galerie Art Forum, Antwerp


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